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Since 1908
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Imagine a place where breath of knowledge and patented solutions span from comfort to high performance sport to fashion & style; for men, women, kids,. Made in USA in a Carbon Neutral facility.

 That's us.


We are experts in the design, construction and innovation of this American  wardrobe staple. We have become the go-to producer of leggings and the company to  watch for what's next in the industry

Strategic vision, purposeful innovation, socially relevant marketing give us the competitive edge.


A pioneer in this category we invented the control top, the no-waistband, the clear control top panty...our capabilities are extensive. We are on the forefront of the hosiery industry. 


Necessity inspired to go beyond our traditional core and we created effective antimicrobial hand protectors, face masks, and mask tees.


All started by thinking of creating the perfect leggings tee. We sold millions of the first 2 styles and we now play into a large array of active & fashion tops, tees and sweatshirts.


Our colors, extensive patterns library, and positive story telling are at the essence of our sleepwear, loungewear and robes. Modern silhouettes and Innovative benefits such as Temp Control or CBD set us apart.


A deep knowledge of knitting techniques and machines operation led us to serve industrial businesses in the need of filters and drains.


Breaking through innovation is obvious to the crowd once done. Stay tuned! HUE Shoes COMING SOON

White Structure


A great portfolio of American Legacy Brands 

(owned & partners)  



We are Kayser Roth.

A beautiful blend of industrial and consumer marketing skills

built over 100 years of history.

Headquartered in Greensboro (NC), we directly operate three manufacturing facilities and three Distribution Centers in North Carolina.

Thanks to our ability to service brick & mortars, ecommerce and drop shipment we partner with almost any Retailer in Americas at any tier of distribution from department stores, to mid tier and mass retailers, to food & drugs chains, specialty, clubs, pure player .com, off-price and close-out retailers.

We are a digitally advanced Corporation with digitalization in our core processes and in the marketplace with almost 1/3 of our sales coming from digital commerce.


We understand trends and are inspired by society to innovate and create.

We are fluid and  stay nimble to adapt to the fast-paced changes surrounding us.

Our attitude to accomplish is anchored to 5 pillars.

Challenge Ourselves

We believe innovation cannot exist in a comfort zone, as we relentlessly strive for consumer relevance and customer value.

Encourage Diversity

We encourage and nurture different perspectives as a source of innovations. We collaborate to find solutions and facilitate risk assessment in our decision making.

The Drive

We have a clear vision on where we are headed. We are recognized for making things happen. We identify the obstacles and focus on the solutions; and with accountable leadership we overcome the hurdles.

Make It Simple

We know how to set the right priorities. We go straight to the essence of things and we simplify the complex, to facilitate alignment and speed. We believe in fewer big ideas.

Have Fun

We believe fun is an inspiring source of energy, innovation and team cohesive.

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102 Corporate Center Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27408

330 Fifth Avenue,

New York, NY 10001

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