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Fun. Fresh. Fashion.

Fashion Meets Innovation
HUE is the #1 women’s casual legwear and leggings brand in department stores who for years have won over women who are drawn to the brand’s fun and creativity.

Always on trend, always stylish, HUE is known for tights, leggings, socks and even sleepwear. Our success is staying ahead of trends and bringing a steady flow of bright ideas.

As the name suggests, HUE is synonymous with color, and for years women have turned to the brand for accessories to their wardrobes.

HUE legwear is sold in department and specialty stores across the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, as well as online at

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Style Made Easy.

Continuous Reinvention through Innovation
No nonsense has cultivated a loyal following of consumers, who look to the brand for innovative solutions in legwear.

No nonsense was created in 1970 for working women who needed an alternative to expensive department store pantyhose.

With consumer awareness over 90 percent, No nonsense has succesfully expanded into several new categories including leggings, shapers, pantyhose, as well as men’s socks.

No nonsense products are sold in mass as well as food and drug stores. Over eighty percent of No nonsense products are made in our efficient, eco-friendly U.S. plants, another big step to a no nonsense world.

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Your Leggings Destination

Utopia by HUE is a brand that plays in a world of fun and beautiful colors. It celebrates the individuality of women and brings styles, energy and spirit to the practical.

Offering comfortable fashion legwear in a wide range of color, Utopia is rooted in developing great fitting legwear to all women, regardless of size. The Utopia by HUE brand can be found at Kohl’s and JC Penney.

A Modern American Classic

Burlington is an iconic socks brand, trusted by generations of consumers. Product categories include hosiery, men’s socks and women’s socks and slippers.

Seventy-five percent of Burlington products are made in the United States. The Burlington brand can be found at Sam’s Club, specialty stores and on military bases.

Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion designers in the world. For 25 years Calvin Klein hosiery has been licensed by Kayser-Roth. Calvin Klein hosiery is sold in department and specialty stores in the United States, Canada and Europe.
June is down-to-earth and sensible. She wants quality, comfort and value in everything she wears. Daisy is high-spirited and fanciful, with one eye on fashion and the other on the bright blue sky.

There are two sides every woman wants in fashion. June & Daisy share a love of style-and-color, value-and-comfort. Fun socks, leggings and sleepwear.